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Whether operating a charter, public, or small school district, you are often faced with similar challenges. The most common hurdle is finding the right Student Information System that works for your school. Smaller schools and districts typically have fewer technology personnel and financial resources and quickly become overwhelmed by a robust Student Information System such as PowerSchool. Very often, a school will commit a significant investment toward one of these software solutions, yet without the proper training and configuration, the program becomes yet another ineffective burden on your staff and produces no meaningful data for your school.

We provide PowerSchool solutions and support designed specifically to meet the needs of your schools. In other words, our expert staff of PowerSchool administrators will take care of implementation, training, and on-going Help Desk support so you can direct your time and resources on what’s most important; your students. We believe that a student information system should always free up your resources, not take away from them.

Our PowerSchool support program gives you all the benefits of an effective SIS without the steep learning curve, high expense, and risk typically required to implement and manage such a system. Our customized support program eliminates the cost of hiring full-time specialists, and the need for a large upfront investment on technology. You get to customize the student information system to work with YOUR school’s operations. Our innovative and experienced team is equipped to help you with all your school data needs.

We know that offering unrivalled quality of service and outstanding value is not enough. We are often requested to deliver challenging out of the box solutions to our schools, while never ceasing to go the extra mile in pursuit of funding opportunities, cost savings, and innovative opportunities to help your students. We specialize in creating customizations for PowerSchool that enhance your productivity. We approach each problem as an opportunity to support your school and make you successful. We have a proven track record with our clients and the testimonials speak for themselves.

Why Our Services Are In Demand

We Believe in Customer Service

Our Help Desk receives over 99% satisfaction rating. The reason being? We're always available and we're personable. We don't treat your requests like tickets. We treat them as opportunities to help you and in return, that gives us a gratifying feeling.

We Believe in Good Relations

The schools we work with appreciate the fact that we care about their school. We don't just answer questions but we ask questions. If we notice something within your SIS that needs improvement or a process your staff are performing that can be automated for you, we'll let you know.

We Believe in Our Abilities

Our staff have experience in all aspects of student information systems and state reporting. Working with a large number of schools, we've encountered almost every problem you will eventually experience working with any SIS so we have shortcuts and solutions ready for you.

Comprehensive PowerSchool Solutions

PowerSchool is the leading student information system in the nation. It's a great tool but it always has been features. If you don't have a dedicated student information system specialist on staff your school will most likely end up under-utilizing PowerSchool.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide PowerSchool support for your entire staff in a way that is incomparable to any other "help desks" you may have worked with in the past. Working with our team, your staff will begin to feel confident in the data submitted to the state. They'll receive hand holding customer service and be able to spend less time doing repetitive work. Our time saving customization's will allow them to focus more of their time and energy on education, not troubleshooting an SIS.



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We Make State Reporting Easy

State reporting is critical to your school for many reasons. Why not give it the attention it needs?

What We Do ?

We provide A-to-Z state reporting services. This means that your staff will only need to enter data into the student information system. Our state reporting experts are ahead of all deadlines and will get your school certified on time. We upload all of your files to the appropriate state software and clear any errors along the way ensuring that the data being reported is accurate before any submission.