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In 2009, California introduced CALPADS, the state’s official longitudinal data system used to maintain individual-level data. Data housed within CALPADS include student and staff demographics, course data and section information, discipline, assessments, and other vital information. For many charter schools in California, the transition to CALPADS introduced a challenge in collecting and maintaining quality data.

With each passing year, your CALPADS data is becoming more and more critical to funding (LCFF), accountability (defining of subgroups), and assessment functions (TOMS & Smarter Balanced). The necessity of submitting accurate data to CDE is vital to the success of your school.

CALPADS Services Offered:

  • Preparation of all four Fall 1 extracts per school (SENR, SINF, SELA, SPRG) for import to CALPADS.
  • Preparation of all five applicable Fall 2 extracts per school (SDEM, SASS, CRSE, SCSE, PSTS) for import to
  • Preparation of all nine applicable EOY extracts per school (CRSC, SCSC, SPRG, STAS, SINC, SIRS, SOFF, SCTE, PSTS).
  • Install CSMC custom CALPADS Validation Tool (PowerSchool Users Only).
  • Correct all submission errors and post each extract per submission cycle.
  • Correct all fatal certification errors to ensure certification for Fall 1, Fall 2, and EOY.
  • Provide Primary Point of Contact with Direct Certification Report.
  • Provide Primary Point of Contact with CALPADS ODS Foster Youth Report.
  • Provide Primary Point of Contact with 4-year Adjsuted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR) prior to ODS data pull.
  • Communicate with school and neighboring districts in resolving Concurrent Enrollments, Multiple
    Identifiers, and Exit Reason Discrepancies to ensure certification.
  • Create new SSID’s and exit transferred students on CALPADS on a weekly basis.
  • Provide Primary Point of Contact with all aggregate reports and a sign off sheet with each of the
    three submissions.
  • Work with Primary Point of Contact before and during amendment window in correcting any data
    entry errors.
  • Configure Student Test Registration TOMS
  • Demographic Data Corrections for Accountability Reports
  • CBEDS Submission

How we can help!

There are over 100 data entry points within a Student Information System that are required for the various submission phases of CALPADS. We assist you through the entire CALPADS process from extracting your files, uploading your data, and correcting all certification errors for you. With our assistance you won’t need to hire a full time staff member to do CALPADS all day. Let us take it off your plate!

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