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Exactly where your school needs it.

Student Information Systems don’t have to be complex. Let us help you realize your full potential.

We Think Big

We'll help create a custom solution to meet your needs because no one likes doing tedious work if there's a possibility of automation.

We are Personable

Our team will know you by your first name, we know about your configuration, and we take pride in making your lives easier, any way we can.

We are SIS Experts

Our staff have experience working in school operations and have received extensive SIS training through workshops and universities.

Our Story

Our company started in 2010, the same year the state of California launched its longitudinal pupil achievement data system (CALPADS). It was evident right away that many charter schools and small school districts were not prepared. 

The significant challenge of managing data systems and school operations while trying to remain focused on educating students was daunting too many. 

We wanted to help schools realize that their student information system, if managed properly, can free up resources and not take away from them.

We Are Helping Many!


Helping charter schools & school districts in over 7 States

What We Offer

All the benefits of a student information system without the steep learning curve, expensive & time-intensive training, and implementation costs.

Attendance Reporting

Our attendance services include custom attendance configurations, data analysis, mock audits, and A-Z reporting at the state, county, and local level.

Custom Solutions

We are often requested to deliver challenging out of the box solutions to our schools, while never ceasing to go the extra mile in pursuit of funding opportunities, cost savings, and innovative opportunities to help your students. We can help customize your SIS to enhance your productivity.

PowerSchool Solutions

We offer a comprehensive list of PowerSchool support services ranging from implementation, training, and ongoing support to customizations and integrations.

State Reporting Services

We offer full service state reporting. Your staff will only be required to enter the data into the SIS but will not need to worry about uploading to state software or spending hours on troubleshooting and resolving conflicting errors.


Our Testimonials

Don’t just read about our services. Read what some of our clients are saying about us to get a better sense of how we can help turn things around for you.

Some Of The Schools We Work With

We work with schools in all shapes and sizes, charter or public! Whether you are in your first year of operation and need implementation support or if you are a student information system veteran who just needs the additional support for their staff, our extensive list of services includes support your school or district can benefit from.

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